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Mar 2012

Facebook Timeline for Business: 10 Things You Should Know

Facebook is changing the look and feel of your business page today (March 30th, 2012).  Here is our top 10 list of things you should know.

1. Cover Photo

A Cover Photo is a large photo that will now appear at the top of your Facebook Business page. Facebook has been very generous giving brands 850 x 315 pixels worth of space to showcase their best images. It is worthwhile to consider your Cover Photo as it will be the first thing Facebook users see when visiting your page … Read on »


Apr 2011

If You’re Not First, You’re Last – The Online Battle to be Number One

In case you are unfamiliar with Will Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby, in the movie Talladega Nights, and his ever endearing catch phrase “If you’re not first, you’re last”, it is now quickly becoming the motto for our online marketplace. Where once the prime real estate on the high street resulted in the bulging bank balance, it is now the position on search engines results pages where the battle for dominance has continued.

Due to the massive explosion of the web and in particular online shopping, those top positions on Google can … Read on »


Feb 2011

Starting a business and Social Media -Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust

Edinburgh based Social Media marketer Greg Kelly of Inventive Management speaks in front of Microsoft Vice President Bob McDowell and Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust about Generation Y and starting a business by leveraging Social Media


Feb 2011

There goes the neighbourhood: how the cultural gatekeepers of mass media have lost their mojo

There was once a time, not very long ago, when the power the media held over the common man was as far reaching as the Roman Empire. With a flick of their golden quills, they had the ability to bewitch the masses into packing out cinemas across the country, and the unyielding influence to make novels fly off the shelves and onto every man, woman and child’s bedside table. However, thanks to our very own rebellious leader, the social media revolutionary Che Zuckerberg, we are now able for the first … Read on »


Jan 2011

Social Media Marketing – it’s simply evolution

Having downloaded the Kindle App for my IPhone the other day I stumbled across Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s robust description of evolution by natural selection. After devouring the highlights of Mr Darwin’s work on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, which I like to think was quite similar to the author’s expedition in South America aboard the H.M.S ‘Beagle’ that inspired his work, albeit with more indigenous Glaswegians, it made me think about just how we humans have evolved over time and especially how the internet has most recently opened … Read on »


Jan 2011

Would you sell your on-line soul for a cupcake?

Back in August 2010 (which, due to the inclement weather we have endured in the U.K since, seems like light-years ago) General Mill’s–the 6th largest food company in the world, responsible for household names such as Betty Crocker and Old El Paso–held an event where a select group of bloggers was invited to “Bake with Betty” at the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis. All very innocent, you may be thinking, but the underlying fear I have is that as more and more of the worldwide conglomerates begin to tap into the enormous power that social media marketing holds, how long will … Read on »


Nov 2010

Design is Not About Originality

I watched a nice interview on with veteran designer Massimo Vignelli, talking about good and bad design, typography, and his experiences in designing the New York Subway map and other historic designs of his. One thing struck me especially. In describing the explosion of the number of available fonts, he pointed out that designers have become vandals in our society, always seeking to be original instead of properly following the craft of design, which requires a respect for context and history. He is a massively successful designer, yet he retains the principle that use is primary, and … Read on »


Aug 2010

New Digg

Just coming to grips with the new Digg. In the mean time, if you would like to try it out for yourself just send me an email: – I have 5 invites available.


Jul 2010

Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening- #EdCMBE

Last Thursday evening I attended a lovely event organized by some fantastic woman (Nadine, Kay, Danielle and Carrie) and hosted by Stills called Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening (Twitter hashtag* #EdCMBE).


Jun 2010

History of Social Media – in celebration of Mashable’s Social Media Day

Social media has been around since long before the likes of Myspace and Facebook. Technological advances have transformed our ability to connect with one another online, but let us take a look at where it started.