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Facebook Timeline for Business: 10 Things You Should Know

Posted on: March 30th, 2012 by Laura

Facebook is changing the look and feel of your business page today (March 30th, 2012).  Here is our top 10 list of things you should know.

1. Cover Photo

A Cover Photo is a large photo that will now appear at the top of your Facebook Business page. Facebook has been very generous giving brands 850 x 315 pixels worth of space to showcase their best images. It is worthwhile to consider your Cover Photo as it will be the first thing Facebook users see when visiting your page and a real opportunity to give your brand a strong presence. Choose the colours and images that best reflect your brand. But keep in mind there are some strict Guidelines  that need to be followed when designing a cover photo.

2. Facebook Apps

Facebook has replaced the tabs down the left side of your business page they can now be found just below your cover photo. You can now use them like navigation on your website and they can help drive traffic to your website. Other than the Photo app you can highlight 3 others and apply your own images to brand them. Why not have a web developer create some custom pages for you like Testimonials, Special offers, Booking Information, etc. see example

3. Timeline

Timeline helps to tell your brand’s story with marking important Milestones for the business. It might take some time to update your Facebook Business page with the Milestones, but it definitely provides better understanding of your business for your fans, and is easy to use.

4. Pin Posts & Favourites

Pin the posts to the top of your Facebook Business page. They will stay there for 7 days, and after that return to the timeline to the date they were posted. Remember that you can pin only one post at a time. Click the pencil edit post button and click “pin to top”. You can also favourite any post and it will span both columns of your timeline to feature posts as you scroll down your timeline. To favourite posts just click the star icon.

5. Private Messages

You are now able to send a private message to your Facebook fans. Before the new Facebook Timeline the only way to contact someone was to post on their wall. There is no longer a need to do that. Inform your Facebook fan about winning a contest by asking them to send their email address to you through a private message. It also means that Facebook fans are able to send you a message so be sure to check your incoming messages and respond regularly.

6. About Section

Previously your About Section was on the left hand side, and it was the place to include a link to your website. Also all of the tabs were there, and connected with the Facebook website. Now your About section can be 100 characters longer (it has changed from 70 to 170), and shows under your Timeline and profile photo. If you are a small, local business make the About section work for you. Select the type of your business, your location, and choose whether to display your phone number or a link to your website.

7.  Admin Panel

Under the Manage Menu in Admin Panel you can find the Activity Log. Go through all of the updates of your timeline by you and your fans. Here you can choose to highlight them, hide, allow on page or mark as spam.

8. Facebook Ad – Login Screen

It’s now possible to place a Facebook ad on the logout screen. Since it usually takes some time to log-out, your ad can now utilize this moment. This is very useful for businesses targeting people who might use shared computers (Internet Cafes, Universities etc.).

9. Facebook Offers

Post Offers for your Facebook fans. They are able to claim the offer through the newsfeed, select their closest store, and redeem the offer. This is currently available for selected brands only, but Facebook has promised to give this chance to every business in the near future.

10.  Insights Overview

The Insights Overview includes the number of current total likes, a number of friends of your fans, number of how many people are talking about your page, and weekly total reach. The pink circles underneath will show the dates when you have posted updates on your page.

If you need any assistance updating your Facebook business page to take advantage of the new design just get in touch!