Promoting Your Business Using Social Media and Managing Your Social Media Profile

Social Media Optimisation

We will create and assist you in managing a profile on multiple social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to connect with the target community in different ways.

Social media is the biggest gathering of people the world has ever seen. They may not be in the same room, town or even country as one another but they’re all there. Looking, talking and if you're lucky they will be sharing views about your company or products. And if you’re even luckier than their comments will be positive.

This gathering could be influencing the way customers view your company without you even knowing about it. So you should be out there with them, looking, talking and sharing views.


Promoting Your Business Using Social Media

Working as a Social Media Coach

As a social media coach and manager it is easy to just get stuck into the day job.  However staying up to date with your CV/Resume is important, as important as making sure the profiles on your social media properties accurately reflect your current situation.  They go to show your attention to detail.  They are a support if anyone asks about the skills you have, and the work you have done.

Your CV should reflect the social media work you have done.  Make it easy for the recruiter or hiring manager to find out about you.  Tell them about the successes you have had.  Show them where your social media presence is, your digital footprint.  Don’t make it difficult for them to find you.  At the least you should show that you are active on major channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc, and your own blog or website if you have one.

What Social Media Can do for Your Organisation

Social media can give your company a competitive edge by making sure that your customers know who you are, what you’re doing and how you can help them. Directly, on a one to one basis.

The Impact Social Media Has

·  Twitter has 200million registered users.
·  35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute with over 2 billion views per day
·  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet and has 100 million users in over 200 countries.

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